Volkswagen Releases 2028 Concept Car

A car that can run 100 km with 1 liter of gasolineVolkswagen released the image image of the concept car in 2028. Since it is a car in 20 years, a future-like concept is stuffed up in various ways.

Details are as below.Volkswagen releases three concepts ... from 2028 - Autoblog

An urban single-seat car "one" that can be parked at any parking lot.

By wireless function to exchange information with other cars, it is possible to know in advance about traffic jam etc.

Rush hour synchronizes speed with other cars, exchanges information with signals and goes straight to the destination without stopping.

Two-seater "ego" that also considers the environment.

Equipped with an omnidirectional sensor to scan around the body.

Information collection and judgment system that can automatically stop when you get off the road or slip.

The engine is downsized, and biofuels 'SunFuel' is also used to make exhaust emissions zero.

"Room" concept that makes time spent in the car worthwhile

With the autopilot system which takes over driving on expressway etc., I can spend time with passengers without concentrating on driving.

Mobile devices can be seamlessly connected and games are also possible.

Interior decoration changes with one button.

You can get other information from the following official website.

Volkswagen 2028

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