Failed to install Vista SP1, I can not start it

I thought that it was about time soon, and downloaded and installed Windows Vista SP1. From the conclusion it turned into a blue screen "failed". At the same time, I get into an infinite restart, even normal Vista startup can not even be done, stepping on or kicking.

So please enjoy with movies and photos like you failed to make it impossible to start up.

Microsoft Windows Vista: Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Download Vista SP1 from the above page, start it, click "Next"

Please check and click "next"

Click "Install"

Restart ...... That?

It looks like an error occurred ......

So, this ... ... infinity restart hell. Whichever you choose on the screen above the same.

Vista SP1 installation failed, it can not be started - YouTube

Such a blue screen appears and is a restart loop

I can not help it, so let's restore it. Boot from Windows VistaUltimate CD

Click "Repair computer"

Searching ......

Select upper one

Searching for problems ......

I decided to restore my computer to a previous state

I am about to repair ......

……that? I can not repair ...... ... ... such ...!

"I can not fix this problem automatically."

So on this screen. "Startup repair" is out, "system restoration" is also out, or other choices are all out.

How do you do? It is! Can you escape from here? Is Vista SP1 properly installable? The rest is next time.

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Failed to install Vista SP1, what happened after that

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