A teacher is arrested as having a capacity of 13 people on five cars

The capacity of a car is decided exactly by the law, it is divided into 4 people if it is a mini car, 5 people if it is a normal sedan, 6 to 8 people depending on the number of seats if it is a one box car. However, a teacher was arrested on the ground that 13 people were loaded there. I admire that it was something I could stand on riding well.

Details are as below.
Abraham Gniwosch was arrested in August last year for dangerous driving at Llandudno in northwest Wales. Gniwosch did not acknowledge the crime till the end, but the judge imposed a 12 month driving ban and a fine of 900 pounds (about 190,000 yen), and Gniwosch was ordered to take an extended driver's license. The prosecution authorities have applied for voluntary confiscation of his Volvo S70, but the judge dismissed it.

The capacity of Volvo S70 driving Gniwosch is five people. According to the court's clarification, the adult male is seated on the passenger seat with the boy on the lap and the two seats on the back seat, two infants on the knee. All the other six children were standing and sitting in the middle of the back seat. No one was wearing a seatbelt.

Gniwosch says, "I am not a skipping driver, but a slow driver, I know I did stupid things, but I was never dangerous," as if I did not exceed 20 miles per hour (about 32 km / h) He insisted that he was driving. According to Gniwosch's argument, the judge said, "This overloading is a very rare example, so a fine was punishable."

By the way, when we count passenger capacity, since we convert with 3 adults with 2 adults, this time the count will be the number of 10 people in the case of 5 people capacity. Either way, it is quite over capacity.

The BBC challenged, it seems that he could only ride 10 people.
BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North West Wales | Man guilty of having 13 in Volvo

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