"Disposable Mail" that you can quickly create a disposable mail address that can be used for only 20 minutes

A disposable e-mail address that can be used immediately for 10 minutes "10 Minute Mail"Fully automatable creation of disposable e-mail addresses"SpamlAs a Japanese service against ', you can immediately create a disposable email address that can only be used for 20 minutes'Disposable mailThere is something like that. Good point is not garbled.

As a goal, it is advocating "defense" from spam (spam), and seems to assume that this "disposable mail" is used when registering to an untrustworthy site.

Details are as below.
To use it, first access the following address.

Disposable mail

Then 10 digits of alphanumeric characters are displayed in this way. This is a disposable email address.

The available time is 20 minutes, and if you use more than that, you can click "Extend" OK.

Click the "Confirm mail" button to check the mail that came

Then you can check the received mail in this way. However, it is worth noting because it is not displayed after the first 7 lines only.

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