Sony to introduce countermeasures against illegal copy of PSP software

Sony unveiled the intention to introduce new countermeasures against illegal copy of PSP software.

There is also a hit of "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G"Sales volume overtakes Nintendo DS for over 3 monthsAlthough it is PSP showing very strong sales like this, it seems that we are now working on countermeasures against illegal software.

Details are as follows.
'There is a piracy problem on PSP' - news -

According to this article, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that it will embark on measures after recognizing "There is a copyright infringement problem" about PSP.

It is said that it will be the first effort for illegally copied PSP software, and a new method will be announced in the future. Sony also acknowledges that illegal copying contributes to raising the sales volume of PSP, but we are still going to do it.

AlreadyIn Japan, a man who sold it with custom firmware (common name CFW) attached to PSP has been arrested for trademark law violationIn addition, Nintendo recently against WiiWe are updating contents such as "Automatically eliminate abnormal saved data (such as altered data)" created by methods other than usual usageDoes such a movement of the game company become active in the future?

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