Nintendo Switch has recorded the highest sales volume ever in Europe, a strong start

In North America, it was clear that as many as Nintendo's stationary game machines had recorded the largest number of sales so far in the 48 hours since its releaseNintendo SwitchHowever, it became clear that also in Europe, we have made a remarkable start to update our sales record so far.

Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in Europe •

In the interview with President Reginald Fissamei president of Nintendo of America, it was clear that "Nintendo Switch's sale in North America for two days from the launch" was the most common in Nintendo's game machines so far .

Nintendo Switch recorded the highest sales volume ever in Nintendo history and found a good start - GIGAZINE

Following this, Nintendo revealed that Nintendo Switch recorded the largest sales volume ever in Europe. According to Nintendo, the sales volume of Nintendo Switch released on March 3, 2017 (Friday, 2017) was the largest in Nintendo's stationary game machines so far in Europe, Details such as period and sales volume are not disclosed. In addition, as with Northern America, Nintendo's launch title was recorded as the largest number of sales "Wii Sports" sales record "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WildIt has also been announced that it has been painted.

Regarding detailed sales volumeGamesIndustry.bizBut Nintendo Switch 's weekend in Britain (3 days from launch) is about 80,000 units, it reports that it has doubled the number of units sold by Wii U until the weekend (about 40,000 units). Nintendo 3DS sold 113 thousand units, PS 4 250 thousand units, and Xbox One 150 thousand units from the release date of the other game machines to the weekend. Regarding the sales volume in JapanFamitsu.comReports "331,000 units".

Also, Nintendo says "this time in March is a traditionally quiet period for the game industry." While other game consoles have been released in accordance with the holiday season and other sales wars, Nintendo Switch has released a superior sales record despite releasing it at a time that is far from that, and has made a remarkable start It is emphasizing.

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