A major blow to the Majikon user, Nintendo provides firmware to disable Magicone

Increase in users who are bothering the game industry now, using software that pirated illegally.

Among other things, Nintendo's portable game machine "Nintendo DS" boasts a high popularity even from a worldwide perspective, and devices called "Majikon" become popular which will allow you to play copied games, and Nintendo and software Although 54 manufacturers have developed to litigation against the dealer, it became clear that Nintendo's newly provided firmware prevented the magicone from working.

Note that the above imageMajikon shop which was in Tokyo's electric shop area · AkihabaraIt is.

Details are as below.
Nintendo DSi Firmware Update 1.4.1U Blocks Most Flash Cartridges? SoftSailor

According to this article, it seems that Nintendo has offered new firmware updates for about 1 year or more against the handheld game machines "Nintendo DSi" and "Nintendo DSi LL".

The latest firmware is "1.4.1"Nintendo commented that "the operation quality has improved with respect to major changes"According to this update, five machines such as "Acekard 2i" and "DSTT" have become inoperative.

By the way, on Nintendo's official page, if the data is deleted for "peripheral devices not supported by Nintendo" or "save data created by methods other than the usual usage method, data not supported by Nintendo, etc." And that it will be out of the scope of repair and warranty as follows.

Update the main unit only when the Nintendo DSi / DSi LL main unit is normal. If Nintendo DSi / DSi LL main body is remodeled, or if you use peripheral equipment or software that Nintendo does not support, there is a risk that the Nintendo DSi / DSi LL main unit will not operate due to updating the main unit.
Also, if saved data created by a method other than normal usage, data not supported by Nintendo, etc. are inside the Nintendo DSi / DSi LL main unit, the failure of the customer's Nintendo DSi / DSi LL main unit In addition to being a cause, there is a fear that you can not use it with confidence, so such data etc may be automatically removed.

Updating of the main unit in these abnormal states not only guarantees the operation but also is not subject to repair or warranty.

On Saturday, September 18th, it will be the first time in about four years for a popular series complete new work"Pocket Monster Black" and "Pocket Monster White"Is it because you refrained from launching, so you first handled it?

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