If Nintendo's countermeasures were successful, a magicone dealer will post a "closing soon"

In February 2009 a judgment ruled on illegal importing and selling of Majikon came outNevertheless, as sales of magicone were continued, 54 Nintendo and softmakers sold equipment called "magicone" represented by "R4 Revolution for DS"OctoberWhenNovemberWe filed a reappearance twice, but it became clear that the magicone dealer finally closed.

Even after the October reassessmentShibotsuku Majikon sale was continuedIs it finally put an end to it?

Details are as below.
There was "a shortly closed" signboard on the signboard of the e-zak, a magicone dealer located in Otaka's electric shop area "Otaru" in Nihonbashi

Majikon stalls of "e-zak" series in the free market space established along the main street. There are no signs on the signboard, but there was a paper on the display space saying "Shortly closed"

A magicon shop that entered an empty store. Apparently it does not seem to be "e-zak" line, but about closing is not written

Magicon's vending machine is in operation

Although most of them are out of stock, the sale was done

It seems there is no plan to close this stall

Apparently, it is unclear what will happen to other magician dealers that seems to be different series, only for "e - zak" series, but the momentum of closing will increase.

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