Next time "Magicone Building" appears, hanging up a huge signboard and getting started businessfully

Although Nintendo and software makers have filed an injunction prosecution lawsuit against the vendor who sells equipment called "Majikon" which can also download downloaded copy software with Nintendo DS, despite winning the case,Change business name and resume business at the same placeAlthough there is no indication that it stops at the other, such as magicone sale, at last it sells a Majikon dignifiedly holding a huge signboardMagicon Building"Has appeared.

Last year, unheard of "Magicon's vending machine"Appeared in Osaka's electric shop area Nihonbashi, but it has overwhelmingly been the impact.

Details are as below.
Electric shop area in Osaka · Nihonbashi. There is little traffic on the weekday morning before each store opens, but here is one of the most crowded part of Nihonbashi, called "Ootaroad".

At Nihonbashi "PC wonz"Part shops that demonstrate their presence in line with"BEST DO!"

The building where there were two left of it, former "Janpa D-Style Namba" was "Magicon Building".

The store name is "Otacon Village (Otakon Village)". It is said to be a game accessory and a PC peripheral shop.

It seems that it was temporarily opened on April 11 (Sunday).

On the wall is a huge sign written with a huge "Majikon". According to the story from the reader, it seems that it was installed from Saturday, April 10th.

In addition, the neighboring magicon shop has been operating as usual. This isIt is said that "e-ZAK" is regulated by "e-MART"Magicom shop

It is open on the 2nd floor of the building.

I saw the store from the side of the building. It says "There is a Majikon!"

It seems to respond to consultation and telephone support "I want to play with the latest ROM!"

By the way, according to the Asahi Shimbun news report,As a result of the serious deterioration in the circulation of magicone on a global scale, the sales value of game software has declined greatly, and the damage amount of software makers amounts to several trillion yen scaleIt has been with.

If the magicon is selling proudly like this, if the user seems to use the magicone without feeling any discomfort,As a result of explosion of illegal downloads and DVDs no longer being sold, all Hollywood film companies withdrew from KoreaI think that it can not be said that it is a good thing in the sense of considering the future of the content industry, not thinking about an example of it.

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