9 unexpected advantages of railway compared to airplane

A person who used to think that there are only options as long as we are using an airplane for long distance traveling finds something interesting on the railroad and has written down the following "9 unexpected advantages of the railroad" is. Hank Green who wrote this is living in the US, so Amtrak is using the railroad. There are many things that does not apply to Japan compared to airplanes because the distance traveled is short in the first place or the bullet train is convenient, but people who do not use the railway so much may have noticed points.

Let's take a look at nine points.
Nine Unexpected Benefits of Trains | EcoGeek

1. No wait, No security
It is told by Amtrak that passengers should board the bus 30 minutes before departure. If you are a little late, you just go straight to the train and find your favorite seat. There are various checks at the airport when it is an airplane, and seems to be compared with taking time to boarding.

2. I can go to the toilet when I want to go
There is no time to ride on the railroad, so go if you want to go to the toilet. If you have a car with a dining car, you can also go to have lunch anytime.

3. The seat really reclines!
With an airplane seat is only reclining as much as 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) to the degree of apology, but in Amtrak 8 inches (about 20 cm) is also reclining so sleeping is also fun.

4. I have an outlet
Recently, something with an outlet is coming out, but Amtrak 's train has a three - pronged outlet. Japan is not a complete vehicle, but the ShinkansenSeries N700If you are sitting at the front, rear and window side of the vehicle you can secure the outlet.

5. What you can not complain about being messy
Even if you defeat the backrest, even if you leave the tray table out, do not complain even if you use electronic equipment in the car. And there is no seatbelt. This may not be technically secure, but guarantees a comfortable journey.

6. Clearance of feet
Even men of 6 feet (about 182 cm) in height still have a clearance of 2 or 3 inches (about 5 to 7 cm) and seems to be very good. It is a fact that an airplane has a life jacket under the seat and it is a bit cramped.

7. There are no carts hitting knees or elbows
Even if a part of the body is out on an aisle, a cart pushed by a cabin crew may collide, but since the passage part of the railway is wide, there is never a collision of a cart, and in the first place There are no carts. AmtrakStandard gaugeSo maybe you should image the Shinkansen.

8. Hospitality
It is impossible if you want to eat cheese danish in an airplane. I do not want itAmerican AirlinesYou will buy a snack pack for $ 5. You can have better hospitality at the train than that.

9. I can bring my own baggage
If you lose your bag in the train, you will be responsible for yourself, but you do not have to worry about how baggage staff at the airport will handle bags.

Another advantage is cheap, environmentally friendly, mobile phones can be used at any time, and even sleeping cars have beds. After all, while you are on the train you can use even the internet if you can use it, but in others it is very wonderful and a pleasant trip can be enjoyed Hank is closed.

The railroad is also nice if you travel slowly, but considering the time you may find many people choosing an airplane by all means.

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