Upgrade version of "Kuririn Nokoto Car" "Angra Sight" appeared

It forcibly converts the input character to the unit symbol etc "Kurinin no Kotoka"Followed by the" top "version of"An underground site"Has appeared.

Details on what is underground is from below.
An underground site

Enter characters and click "execute"

Conversion end

By the way, "underground" when it is said to be an underground site is the abbreviation of "underground" and refers to the site on which the following information is posted.

Underground Course - Underground! Is it?

As genres of UG (underground), the following things are conceivable.
Dangerous document ← Murder method, weapons production etc.
Information on hack crack type
Bizarre ← corpse image, deformed child image, amphibian-bearing image, etc.
Information on drugs and poisons
there is ........., ........., etc
Beginners should acquire minimal knowledge.

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