On the official website of MMORPG "Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE" "Please slowly go !!!"

On the official website of online RPG's "Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE"Please go slowly !!!Along with the mysterious message of "A deformed character picture appeared.

How did it happen?

Details are as below.
This isOfficial website of Shin Megami Tenseiki IMAGINEis. It is becoming somewhat ridiculous.

The message "This is slowly going on !!!" and the huge face are the same circle "Shanghai Alice Phantasmus"The character of the shooting game" Toho Project ", Marisa Kirisame (Kirisame Mariza) and Reimu Hakurei (Reiki Reiki) say" Slowly go !!! "ASCII art (AA, art drawn by letters and symbols)It seems that it is a former material and is gaining popularity on the Internet. The producer is unknown.

This is "please go slowly !!!" AA. The left is Marisa Kirisame and the right is Hakurei Reimu.

The following link is detailed about "Please go slowly !!!".

Take it slowly Summary Wiki - Top Page

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