From Wonder Showcase "Kirisame Marisa · Hakurei Reimu Matsukura Nemu ver." In Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]

Wonder Showcase,"Round of Hell's Angel"Next work is Yokima Shinpei's "Kirisame Marisa Matsukura Nemu ver." "Hakurei Reimu Matsukura Nemu ver." A group of games centered on circle · Shanghai Illusionian shooter ·Toho ProjectIt is the hero of the two of you.

Details are as below.
First of allKirisame Marisa Matsukura Nemu ver."

It is a magician who lives in the magical forest.

The light feeling of the skirt comes out well.

Horizontal and back are like this.

"Hakurei Reimu Matsukura Nemu ver."

A shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine located at the border of Gensokyo and the outside world.

As well as Marisa, the skirt is fluttering.

It looks like you can not see it?

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