The rule is "to not kill people" only, a spectacular event to be held in a small town

It is a small town called Ashbourne in the UK and says in ChristianityConfidence TuesdayWhenAsh WednesdayAn event called "The game of Royal Shrovetide" will be held on the day called. The inhabitants of the city are divided in two, and the goal is aimed at chasing the ball all at once, but the official rule has changed.

Details are from the following. There is also a movie.The Fan Manual »Blog Archive» The Game with One Rule: No Murder

Official rules are very simple, only "not killing people". In other words, "Whatever it is, let's decide the goal anyway." The stage chases the ball for six hours in the whole city. Shrove Tide Football is an event of history, but since there is no accurate literature, it seems that the exact history such as when it began has not been elucidated.

The movie that shot the state of play below.
YouTube - Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football - Ash Wednesday 2008

It seems that it is a very busy event, thinking that the rule is a horrible event only as a rule.

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