Artists arranging 1000 garbage humans all over the world

There are artists who arrange 1000 dolls made with garbage as a slurry. His name is HA Schult, since 1996 I have arranged garbage people all over the world, changing the familiar everyday space to completely different things.

Details are as below.HA Schult Online

Performance at the first German Xanten. 1996.

New Arc de Triomphe Grand Dalšc in La Défense, France. 1999.

Red square in Moscow. 1999.

Great Wall of China. 2001.

With the pyramid of Giza back in Cairo. 2002

Kilkenny castle in Ireland. 2003.

Lake Stellesay where you can see the Matterhorn. 2003.

Goalleben in Germany. 2004.

Brussels' Grand Plus which is regarded as one of the most beautiful plazas in the world and also registered as a World Heritage site. 2005.

Cologne of Germany. 2006.

There are many onlookers around the fence.
YouTube - Trash People

Piazza del Popolo in Rome. 2007.

It was designed to go through the center.
YouTube - Trash People - kleshamusic Production - Piazza del Popolo Roma

Reial Square in Barcelona.

There was not a fence and it was supposed to be able to see garbage people freely.
YouTube - Trash People by HA Schult in Barcelona

New York to be held in 2008.

It seems that the plan is planning to perform in Antarctica at the end.

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