Approximately half price of market price, finally cheap SSD for laptop computer appeared

Recording medium using flash memory expected as a recording medium to replace HDD "SSD (Solid State Drive)Although it is finally a cheap SSD appeared for laptop computers.

Combining with fanless mobile notes etc, it may be interesting to try making a machine with zero drive parts.

Details are as follows.
Shanghai wholesaler - Head office Shanghai wholesale select 2.5 in. SSD SATA Flash Disk 32 GB [★]

According to this page, as of May 19, 2008 17:00, it seems that 32 GB SSD is sold for 15999 yen. This is a major comparison site "Price .comTranscend's lowest price inSSD of 32GB modelCompared with the price of 20,9470 yen, it is close to half the price.

Since the reading speed is 25 MB per second and the writing speed is 8 MB per second,Industry's highest speed SSD mentioned at GIGAZINE the other dayAlthough it is a very severe number when compared with the reading speed of 130 MB / sec, the writing speed of 67 MB / sec, it is good if it is not obsessed with speed.

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