A woman whose chest implant is a world record

Sheyla Hershey who lives in Texas has undergone eight breast implants and has been posted on the Guinness Book of Brazil as a woman with the largest implant in his chest. "I hope to be more beautiful every day," Sheyla says.

Details are as below.Woman Breaks Record For Biggest Breasts - SPIKE

It seems that each chest contains more than 1 gallon (about 3.8 liters) of silicon.

Viewed from the side.

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Sheyla, 28, will not be satisfied with the Guinness records and is planning a ninth surgery. Physicians believe that large implants have medical hazards and implants surroundingsScar tissueAnd it says that there is a possibility that pain may come out on the back and shoulders.

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Also, in Texas there seems to be a court acceptance criteria of up to 1000 cubic centimeters for chest implants, so the next surgery seems to have to do procedures elsewhere.

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