A sight like a terminal that happened with a volcanic eruption is taken

The Chythen volcano in the southern part of Chile erupted on May 2 and volcanic activity was activated on June 6, so we issued a government evacuation recommendation. A large amount of volcanic ash also got off and it was in a rather dangerous state, but it seems that the photo was taken with lightning as the air ionized in the cloud by blowing smoke and ash.

Details are as below.Amazing pictures The lightning storm that engulfed an erupting volcano the Daily Mail

Spectacle as if it was made with CG.

A scene of volcanic ash flying across the Argentina to the Atlantic Ocean is filmed from outer space.

When the evacuation recommendation was issued, the volcanic ash reached the stratosphere of about 30 kilometers above the sky.

It is ridiculous thundercloud.

The city is pure white with volcanic ash. It seems that ash is piled up by 15 cm or more.

Chai Ten Volcano is about 1,000 meters above sea level and it was the first time in the history of thousands of years to erupt. Chile is the second largest Indonesia in the Pacific Rim Volcanic Zone and the active volcanoes are increasing.

A movie showing the appearance of a thunder storm.

A movie of how the volcanic ash is blowing up and the state of the ash falling down is photographed. The state of the city can be seen from about 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

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