A variety of powerful photos capturing the moment of submarine volcanic eruption

For earthquake investigationTongaA lot of pictures that captured the moment of the underwater volcanic eruption I witnessed when I headed offshore. There was an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 around Tonga on March 13, and it seems that there may be some relation with the submarine volcano photographed this time.

It is likely to be overwhelmed by the power of steam and volcanic ash rising from the surface of the water, and I realize again the magnificence of nature.

Pictures are as follows.
Pictures taken at the offshore of Tonga on March 17. Whether it is just before the eruption, water vapor is rising above the sky.

Pictures taken on March 18th. The eruption seems to have started.

The plume is rising up to quite high.

It seems like he is watching a movie.

Photographers are also desperate.

Great scene ...

It is overwhelmed by the magnificence of nature.

You can see other pictures from below.
Undersea eruptions near Tonga - The Big Picture - Boston.com

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