Puzzle game "Cog Factory" which arranges three gears of the same color and disappears

It is a puzzle game where three gears of the same color are arranged and erased. I have time to think about it because I only fly in three directions at the beginning, but it will become out of hand as the number increases gradually.

Review from below.
Cog Factory

On the upper right, the game starts with "PLAY GAME".

For the operation method, rotate the central gear with the cursor key left and right, and hit the gear with the up key or the space key.

Use the "1" key to erase the currently loaded gear. "2" key changes gear color. The key to victory is to use it properly.

Also, special gears may appear in addition to ordinary gears. The Small bomb destroys the two gears in the direction to be laid, and the Big bomb destroys all the gears in that direction. Gear destroyed by this will not be added to the points. Multi-color cog works as either of the displayed two colors, which gear. Color cog remover erases all the same color gears in that line.

The game screen looks something like this. Initially it is struck out in three directions.

The quota until clearing is displayed on the right side. Currently red and yellow are a little advanced, and blue is not yet gone.

Going forward will be like this. After that you clear yellow if you erase it several times.

Level up when clearing the quota.

Next is four directions.

And it increases in five directions.

It has become more difficult to advance the game while grasping all the six directions.

Game over when the gears run out without erasing. It was only a few days after Norma clear ....

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