A print shop says inside the Pitagora switch

The printing paper that was standing on the wall collapsed with a slight chance, which invoked further confusion, and steadilyPythagora SwitchIt is a fun movie to watch watching scratch inside the shop like.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Clusta chaos - Clustarack

There is also a commentary movie behind the scenes.

YouTube - Clustarack Behind The Scenes

So, what is made of this movie, how about it is a movie for promoting the product "Clustarack" sold at the following site. You can see the high-quality version when you access it.


You can also download high-quality movies from the following pages.

Clustarack - video download

The product itself can be purchased from the following and it is a dedicated rack that prevents roll paper for large printing from falling. So, the roll paper fell down at the beginning of the movie, and finally the roll paper fits into this rack properly.

Clustarack - media storage made simple

It took two weeks to shoot, and it seems he shot it 98 times until it succeeded.

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