Bankruptcy of "T.J GrosNet" is officially decided, debt is 4 billion yen

On April 4th, "T.J GrosNet", a major hobby mail order, went bankrupt and told that he might have fled the night.We delivered with the photo report on the siteIt was clear that the bankruptcy was finally officially finished.

The debt is about 4 billion yen.

Details are as below.
Toy retail
T. Applied application of JGrosnet civil rehabilitation law Liability 4 billion yen

According to this page, T.J GrosNet applied for application of the civil rehabilitation law to the Wakayama District Court on April 15, and he received a decision on the same day preservation. Debt is about 4 billion yen.

In addition, TJ GrosNet was founded in August 2001, with 50% plastic model, 20% figure, 10% game and 20% other business, but due to aggressive investment and business expansion As the cash outflow due to inventory burden continued, the outstanding balance of loans from financial institutions had expanded to the annual sales scale.

And since 2008 the sales of the figures declined partly due to partial refraining from selling figures, the cash flow quickly worsened and it became impossible to pay at the end of March, so it finally went bankrupt.

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