Dell broke the laptop computer, instead a laptop with pubic hair arrived

I do not know the meaning as to what has happened, but I can understand only what seems to have been quite awful.

Details and shock photos are from the following.
PHOTO: Dell Breaks Your Laptop, Sends Replacement Full Of Pubes

About one year after using Dell's 3 year warranty on the laptop computer, I could not charge the battery for some reason, so I contacted Technical Support and it was told to try another power supply, actually When I tried it, I heard that it worked properly.

I thought that this was a case of one case, I was told that I was trying to put it on another computer to see if the power supply that was originally originally broken, it seems like there is no choice, so it gets burnt snuffily, it smells burning and a laptop computer It seems that it has broken.

And after a week, an alternative laptop computer arrived, but there were scratches and dirt on the screen, something garbage sticking to the keyboard, and when I looked closely it seemed like a hair However, if I observe it more carefully, it is not only hair but it is said to be "pubic hair".


Of course the person himself is furious and where he is thinking what to do from now on.

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