Hokka Hokakutei's crispy delicious "After-boat rice bowl" and juicy "Negishi Saltpotte" Tasting Review

HAKESURAI operatedHokka HokkateiI bought "Negishi Salt Pot Bowl" and "After Tense Bowl" which was released on April 3rd and tried it. In both cases the rice and the rice are separate and type to eat after putting down. There was only a bother to go after all, the texture of tempura was wonderful.

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Negi Salted Pot Bowl.

You may eat separately.

It is okay to eat some ingredients. In the case of scallion pork bowl, it may be better to put on rice and eat it because the seasoning is dense. It is very tasty of junk food-like salt sagar, if you eat other valves or convenience box lunches, you can easily imagine the taste.

Later on Bottle.

There are three kinds of methods of eating that are proposed. This is a set menu style with rice and tempura separate.

Leave tempura on top beforehand and put it on rice.

Place tempura on rice and add someone. Because the rice and tempura are separate, the clothes are pretty crisp. The contents are not that big, but the texture of Hokuhoku is pleasant. If it is a common taste of leek pork dumpling, this is a feeling that I twisted a bit.

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