Seagate, to release highly reliable HDD with high durability equipped with self-encrypting function

Although protection of various information including personal information is screamed out now, Seagate which is a major manufacturer of HDD revealed to release HDD equipped with the function of automatically encrypting information .

In addition, it is highly reliable HDD with very high durability.

Details are as below.
Seagate Technology - Seagate R Cheetah R Drives Enter New Habitat - Self-Encrypting Hard Drives for Servers and Storage Arrays

According to this release, Seagate seems to release 3.5 inch type HDD "Cheetah 15 K.6 FDE" for enterprise server applications. It is an HDD which realized to increase the confidentiality of data regardless of the equipment to be mounted by installing the encryption function in the HDD itself, there is little worry that data will be read from a third party after discarding it about.

Three models of 147 GB, 300 GB and 450 GB are prepared, and it adopts "Seagate PowerTrim" which is a technology to automatically optimize power consumption, and in addition to the 5-year warranty, the average failure interval MTBF) has realized high durability of 1.6 million hours.

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