"HDD to forget" developed, Toshiba developed technology to instantaneously invalidate data simply by removing HDD from equipment

As a new technology to prevent rapid data erasure of HDD and information leakage, it is possible to instantaneously invalidate recorded data simply by detaching the HDD from the device "HDD to forgetToshiba developed the technology.

In 2008 the companyHDDs containing thermal data, hydraulic power, nuclear power generation control system design data, etc. were stolenHowever, the technology developed this time may also include lessons learned from such situations.

Details are as below.
Toshiba: News Release (2010 - 08 - 10): Developed the world's first technology to invalidate recorded data instantaneously simply by removing HDD main unit from equipment

According to Toshiba's release, the company developed technology to instantaneously invalidate recorded data automatically when removing the HDD for the first time in the world, for example as a new technology to prevent information leakage by applying encryption technology in HDD is.

As a method of invalidating the data in the conventional HDD, there were physical methods such as destruction of the HDD itself and erasing magnetic data with a strong external magnetic field, and other methods such as overwriting other data in the HDD However, it takes a long time for special equipment and processing, and there is a problem that data can not be invalidated in case of HDD theft.

However, the technology developed this time is that "encryption key" for decrypting encrypted data recorded on the disc is automatically deleted when power supply to the HDD is cut off, for example, by being removed from the mounted device Since it is a technology to invalidate the record data by impossible to decipher it instantly, it will be possible to prevent information leakage even against HDD theft.

The merit of the new technology compared with the conventional technology. Because it enables quick and reliable data deletion, it will also be useful when discarding a personal computer or when the lease period ends.

In addition, it is also possible to divide the recording area in the HDD into a plurality of areas and set such that "data is invalidated at the time of power OFF", "protected in encrypted state without invalidating data even at power OFF" Therefore, we can introduce security according to user's needs.

In addition, Toshiba collectively refers to data invalidation technology applied encryption technology, including the newly developed technology, as "HDD for forgetting" technology, providing it as a new HDD information security technology, We are proceeding with further development to realize functions tailored to the needs.

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