A man who injured a boy in a hedgehog was arrested for injury caused by a weapon

It seems that New Zealand men are accused of hindering a boy with hedgehog as a weapon. Sonic the hedgehog, a character with a hedgehog as a motif, is quite powerful, but can a normal hedgehog become an attack means?

Details are as below.BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | NZ man 'used hedgehog as weapon'

Police said the New Zealand 27-year-old man, William Singalargh, threw a hedgehog to a 15-year-old boy 5 meters away. Hedgehog hit the boy 's foot, leaving a large worm swelling and some stab wounds.

The hedgehog that was hit by the boy was dead, but it is unknown whether he was already dead before being thrown. William Singalargh was arrested for reasons of injury using weapons. I am scheduled to appear in the court on 17th April and it seems to be a prison term of five years when I become convicted.

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