McDonald's "Morning Mega" Thinking "Mega Muffin" Tasting Review

McDonald bought mega muffin, a new product of mega series which started selling on April 4th. Mega Muffin"Find mega, day mega and night mega in the morning!" CampaignIt is a commodity positioned as "Morning mega" in the morning, breakfast is perfect for those who want to eat well.

Review from below.
I bought it.

Mega Muffin.Megamac boxed, Mega HolidayThere was a pattern paper so as not to collapseHowever, mega muffins are just wrapping paper just like ordinary burger.

Mega Muffin Appears.

There are bacon, fried eggs, and two patties.

A lot of ketchup is painted between muffin and bacon.

The patties stuck firmly with cheese and could not peel off.

The section looks something like this.

Although it is a size easy to eat compared with the mega series so far, still two patties come into the stomach so strongly. Because the tomato ketchup taste spreads, it has become the taste of the feeling like an American breakfast seen in the movie.

In the morning mega · day mega · night mega campaign is held until May 8 th (Thursday), during that time mega crisp is also resurrected and sold, so please take this opportunity to love mega series. By the way, MegaMac has decided to join the regular menu in the future.

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