The fox that attacked the chicken coop, you can not escape from the hut because of too much overeating

One morning when I opened the chicken shop to collect fresh eggs, there were foxes that kept blood stains and wings clinging in, and they seemed to be still moving while eating too much.

It is somewhat likely to be in a fairy tale, but this really happens.

Pictures of the captured fox are as follows.The look that says 'I've just eaten all your chickens': The fox who was too fat to flee the coop | the Daily Mail

The fox named Basil seemed to have killed six chickens, Strick who saw inside the chicken shop first said, "There was a large amount of feathers and a satisfying fox in the cottage Whether it was too much to eat too much, even if various people came to see it, basil was in the hut in the whole day after that. "

Basil that sits without escape from the hut. It is filmed with a bad face.

Basil is a rather deadly act, but Strick decided not to take revenge on the chickens, "I think that his act is natural, I think that if you live in the country you should endure such things I heard that he is talking.

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