Finally Lotteria 's best cheeseburger released nationwide

Prior launch was started at 48 stores in the metropolitan area, and Lotteria 's "Lotteria" was so popular that it was temporarily out of sale and became a sale stopSuperb cheeseburgerFinally it was released nationwide.

It is "exquisite cheeseburger" to compete with the taste of the material, but it may be good to try this on a machine.

Details are as below.
LOTTERIA | LOTTERIA "Exquisite Cheese Burger" Kinki / Hokuriku / China / Shikoku Area Released

According to this page, "Exquisite cheeseburger" is on sale from Kyushu · Okinawa district, Friday, March 21 in Hokkaido · Tohoku region from March 14th (Fri), and further today on March 28th (Friday ) From Kinki, Hokuriku, China and Shikoku, and from 4th April (Friday) it will be released in the Kanto, Tokai, Shin-Etsu regions except for pre-sales stores.

The price is limited to 200 meals a day and the price is 360 yen. It will be sold after 10:30 am.

Although it is popular in GIGAZINE editorial department, it is "exquisite cheeseburger", but it is worrisome about what Lotteria will sell "exquisite" next.

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