Movie 'PIG' trailer released by Nicolas Cage who kidnapped his beloved pig on a journey of revenge

The trailer for the movie 'PIG ', in which Nicolas Cage embarks on a vengeful journey for a kidnapped pig, has been released.

Alex Wolff from 'Jumanji / Next Level ' and ' Hereditary / Succession ' will appear as a companion to Nicolas Cage. Director Michael Sarnoski, who has been active mainly in TV series such as ' Olympia ' and ' Fight Night Legacy ', will challenge the feature film for the first time.

PIG --Official Trailer --In Theaters July 16 --YouTube

A pig appeared on the screen in time with the whistle of Rob (act: Nicolas Cage) called 'Pui'.

In a calm background music, Rob and the pig slowly walk in the woods.

Rob gently reaches out to the ground where the pig sniffs while screaming.

What Rob dug out of the ground is a truffle, well known as one of the three major delicacies. The main character, Rob, is a person who makes a living by collecting truffles using his beloved pig.

Rob returns to the hut and stares at the pig. The pig seems to be allowed to go up to Rob's bed, and seems to be quite petted.

However, suddenly Rob collapses with a roaring sound ...

By the time I noticed it again, the pig had been taken away.

'Someone stole that child'

The consultant is Amir, a truffle salesman (act: Alex Wolff)

Rob seeks out his beloved pig based on information from Amir, but in the process he is sometimes told to 'buy a new pig'.

'What are you thinking?'

'I remember all the dishes I've cooked and everyone who served them.'

'People live for them, but they don't care for them, and people don't care for themselves,' says Rob, who seems to have a complicated past.

'There aren't many things that really matter.'

'Who stole my pig?'

What is the end of Rob facing the past and the stolen pig?

'PIG' will be released in the United States on July 16, 2021. The release schedule in Japan is unknown.

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