I tried to eat "Ninja Snack Fuwa-maru" fluffy fluffy volumes

Tohato released the "Ninja Snack Futarumaru" containing ingredients of "starving circle" for confusing the hungry, so I bought and tried it. There are ninjas who are modern-style wording that there is no such thing as a "quick and smooth mouth that disappears fluffily" in the package, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below. Standard salty taste.

Black pepper taste with a ninja why there are some shadows.

It seems that this ninja has been setting time slipping since the Edo period.

On the back of the bag there is a ninja for enjoying the present age.

Contents is like this. Black pepper is light black in the atmosphere like ink painting, salty tone is somewhat yellowish white.

I am making a strange shape that seems to have made using the technology cultivated in caramel cone.

The texture is like a fluffy part around the popcorn, but it seems like a snack confection that got damp when I left it with the bag opened. After chewing it will disappear from the mouth immediately like a cotton candy. The whiter is the taste like popcorn. The taste of black pepper is quite strong, but it can be eaten as it dries fluffily. However, if you ride too much and eat too much in large quantities, pungent taste will remain more and more in the mouth.

Both were quite unique taste and tasty, it was a snack that you would definitely want to eat other tastes.

Details of goods are from the following.

Tohato Corporation / Product Catalog / Fuwarumaru

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