"Snowball 2008" game that rolls the snowball and makes it bigger

It is a game that gradually rolls a small snowball and gradually increases it. While it is small, it gets over the game just by hitting a tree for a while but if it gets big it will only make the snowball smaller if some damage. Let's make it bigger and bigger by absorbing snowmen.

Access is from the following.
Armor Games Snowball 2008 | Armor Games

Click "PLAY" in the center.

Cursor keys and enter, space to use in the game. After checking, press the space key.

Use the cursor keys to select the second from the top "START GAME", then press the space bar to confirm.

Enter a name for the score.

The game start is the enter key, the setting screen is the space key.

You can choose the speed of the ball, image quality, camera angle. First of all it is a challenge with the angle "REVERSED".

Since the snowball rolls without permission, it moves so that it does not hit the tree on the left and right of the cursor key. You can jump only once with the up key. The current weight is displayed in the lower right, and the purpose is to make it as large as possible.

I found a snowman.

The ball broke when it collided. It is game over.

If the snow ball reaches a certain size, it will absorb even if you hit it. Snowman is roughly + 200 POUNDS, people and dogs are + 100 POUNDS.

It exceeds 1500.

Finally over 2000.

It looks like I updated Backyard Record.

This is when updating Hometown Record.

I switched the angle to "CLASSIC".

Snow balls roll from the other side of the slope. "REVERSED" is careful as the snowball moves in the opposite direction as the cursor moves.

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