The game "Shark Attack" saving people by boat avoiding sharks

It is a game that escapes the attacking white shark, rescues people floating in the sea. Suddenly changing the direction and blowing the wind makes it hard to make it proceed as you want.

Details are as below.
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Cursor keys Change the traveling direction of the boat by the left and right, and change speed up and down. Pressing up will make it faster, pushing down will make it slower. Pause "P".

The red arrow on the upper left shows the wind, and the size and direction correspond to wind speed and wind direction, respectively.

Level clear when collecting all people on the sea.

Go out in front of the shark's head and out.

Even if the boat touches rocks and islands. The hit judgment is quite large, and the boat will sink just by a slight haze.

Game over when the boat mark displayed on the left of the screen disappears.

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