Moses, a prophet who received the Ten Commandments may have used drugs

According to Israeli researchers, in many religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity, it was regarded as one of the important prophets, diving the ocean by prayer, and God gave the "Ten Commandments" from God at the summit of Mount Sinai Be doneMoses (Moses)He seems to have used drugs.

Religious people and drugs are seemingly mysterious combinations, but what exactly is that?

Details are as below.
Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher

According to this article, Benny Shanon, professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Jerusalem in Israel, in his presentation, what Moses and Israeli people experienced is nothing but paranormal, It seems to have said that he expressed his view.

Benny Shanon says that when he experienced drug-riding religious ceremonies in Amazon forests, he experienced a spiritual and religious experience similar to Moses' view of burning shrubs.

By the way, the narcotics used in the religious ceremony in the Amazon forest have the same hallucination effect as the medicine made from the bark of Acacia tree mentioned in the Bible.

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