Online dictionary "Onomatopedia" that automatically collect examples of onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is a mimetic word, an onomatopoeia, a onomatopoeia, for example "Waiwai Gayagaya", "Satoshito" "Dogiawaan" and so on. It is said that Japanese is abundant in onomatopoeia compared with other languages, so it is very difficult for Japanese learners to master onomatopoeia. "Onomatopedia" was developed to help there. For automatic collection, some examples are funny as examples, but I am surprised by the number of onomatopoeia and the abundance of expressions.

Details are as below.
Welcome to online onomatopoeian case dictionary "Onomatopedia"!

Click on "Wa" from "A" on the left to display a list of onomatopoeia in each line.

Click on each onomatopoeia to an example.

If you click "I want to see the surrounding sentences", the sentences before and after are displayed.

Some of the wrong ones are also included in the examples.

The verb that is modified with onomatopoeia is "moving".

Onomatopoeia development project

The onomatopoeia coming out in manga is "Memeta"Or"Zudobanno"GoshikaanThere are a lot of interesting things such as.

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