Tamahi 's baked chicken cup, saying that the soup will be finished when you drain the boiled water, how does it taste?

In short it is fried chicken ramen taste. It seems that hot water that should be thrown away after hot water cutting is also becoming "chicken ramen soup" .... Is it true?

So, I tried to make out what it actually looks like. The mysterious soup which appeared by cutting the hot water is already filmed.

Details are as below.
Nissin Foods: Product Information: Product List: Baked Chicken Cup

This is the package

Raw materials etc.

How to make

Sprinkle and liquid sauce in bag inside

For the time being, pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes

Three minutes later, start running the yu. Sure it looks like a soup ... ... but this ... ....

The tip of a broken man is floating.

There is quite a lot.

Immediately after hot water cut

Place a liquid sauce


Sprinkle sprinkle ......

Mix, complete!

So, the taste of the taste is milder than the previous baked chicken. I just do not feel like I just got thinner taste but still it was much more delicious than before. It has good compatibility with flaky sprinkle and flavor, can be eaten quickly in the forest. The soup is pretty good - it is a bit tasty so I feel a bit unsatisfactory or insisting that this is a soup is pretty much a feeling ... ... but after all this soup has been drunk because the taste is too thin The taste of the noodles stands out. It was a feeling that was not bad in combination.

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