Experience the high quality HD movie with high quality and experience it

"Flash Player 9 Update 3" officially adapted to "H.264" adopted also in one-segment broadcasting and next-generation recording media in December last year was released and it became available, but that is the eyeball function I have never seen a 1080p HD quality Flash movie. How much is it all over?

So let's actually experience the HD movie playback of the new Flash Player.

Playback is from the following.
Adobe - Flash HD Gallery

The size to be played is from 480p to 1080p by screen size. None of this is pretty as saying "Is this really Flash?"

The latest version "Flash Player 9 Update 3" can be downloaded from the following.

Adobe - Adobe Flash Player

Also, although it is an automatic update notification from FlashPlayer that comes out from time to time, you can turn it off by accessing the following page.

Adobe - Flash Player: Settings Manager - Global Notification Settings panel

By the way, in November of last year,YouTube has improved image quality within 3 months, and existing movies also have high image qualityAlthough there was a story saying that it is amazing if it will be high quality to this level, how is it ...?

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