Banana and chocolate thick sweetness, Haagen Dazs "Chocolat Bananu" Tasting Review

"Chocolat Bananu Desert" and "Chocolat Bananu Crepe" which used ice cream "Chocolat Bananu" on Haagen-Dazs shop limit from January 17 appeared. Recently, I did not eat ice cream of Haagen Dazs, so I went shopping at once.

Review from below.
Two desserts that can enjoy the newly launched Chocolat Bananu Ice Cream "Chocolat Bananu Desert" "Chocolat Bananu Crepe"
January 17 th, 2008 Thu, Haagen-Dazs shop limited spring release for the first time

This is Chocolat Bananu Desert.

Gateau chocolate and cocoa powder decorated on ice cream "Chocolat Bananu".

This is Chocolat Bananu Crepe.

Chocolate bananu is a slightly banana flavor of ice from the shadow of chocolate flavor, the reproduction of banana taste is considerably higher. Banana and chocolate are rich sweetness like Haagen Dazs ice cream, so it seems good to eat while hurrying and eating slowly without eating. Gateau chocolat which was ridden is also dark sweetness, it is moist, so even this alone seems to be a single item dessert. For crepes, custard cream and whipped cream are added, and it is a disappointing item to love sweets. It was good that I went all the way to the Hagen Dazs shop, which is a bit far from this.

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