When I accumulate direct mail for one year, this is about

Anne Cohen living in the UK collects direct mails arriving at their house from January 1, 2007 for one year. It seems that it got about 1.8 meters when it piles up one after another in the garden.

It has become an unusual wind body, but if you decorate it on the entrance it may become an amulet.

Details are as below.Revealed The shocking 6 ft mountain of junk mail delivered to just one home in 12 months the Daily Mail

Because the mountain of direct mail got too high, in the last three months it seems that we had to use the chair to accumulate mails.

Anne graduated from art school and said he wants to display the mountains of this direct mail in the gallery. "If you look at the mountains of direct mail you may think that useless mail is no longer delivered, but delivery is still ongoing," Anne says. In the UK, 3.4 billion direct mails are delivered to families every year, and 7.5 million messages go to the trash box as they are.

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