"City Smasher" game that destroys the town according to the mission

It is a game that destroys a building and shoots down an airplane to destroy the town according to various missions. The attack method is simple, and it has become a game that can be played in quite a short time.

Play is from the following.
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Start the game from "Objective Mode".

This is all the means of attack. Then move the cursor left and right.

Destroy 6 buildings as shown in the upper right.

I will smash with punches and kicks.

Large explosion.

Next is destroying the car.

This is also a big explosion.

You can shoot down an airplane by winding up cars and building fragments.

When defeating a person "↓" + "S" flame that can be output is effective. However, it is faster to kick.

Kick and kill the building. It's about to expire.

Game over with time-up. Every time you clear the mission, the remaining time will recover slightly.

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