A service that will make your URL long lasting "TitanURL.com"

Often "services that shorten long URLs" are provided on the Internet, but this time it is a service that converts short URLs that are the opposite of this to long URLs as cryptic like long ago.

Details are as below.
TitanURL.com - lengthen that short URL into a Titan URL

Easy to use. After accessing the page, just enter the URL and click "Make Titan URL!"

Then the result will come out like this. It is too long.

By the way, according to this service, the following links have operated lollipop, which was previously covered by GIGAZINEPaperboy & amp; co.President and CEO, Mr. Kazunami Inami seems to have created it.

Hbkr: Habakari | TitanURL.com | Service to lengthen URL

Although it is a service whose usage is unknown, it may be fun to try it out.

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