Defense games "MAD" and "Argent Burst" to shoot down missiles that pour down

Since countless missiles come down from the sky, I will introduce two games that will shoot down it well. "MAD" is to defend five bases, and by using points other than the main bases you will be able to make various special attacks. However, the area to be protected may be widened and difficulty may be high. "Argent Burst" is just a simple game that aims at dropping what you come down, but it looks pretty damned.

Access is from the following.
First of all, "MAD". MAD seems to stand for Mutually Assured Destruction.
MAD - Nic Daniel

title. Bottom left, the game starts from "PLAY".

The game screen looks something like this, as missiles fly from above it just shoots with a mouse.

The number of missiles will gradually increase.

Of the buildings lined up in the bottom, the main is the central one that must be protected. The other four are for support.

The building is protected by a shield, but if damage accumulates it will eventually be destroyed.

Eventually all but the main building was destroyed.

The main building defense system is fully upgraded.

But the enemy 's attack becomes more and more intense.

A big pinch.

I was knocked down.

The score seems to be 56512, a coloneless class.

It is regrettable and I will rechallenge.

This time it is a captain class. I got down.

The left end of the support building is a shield siphon. You can share your own shielding energy with other remaining buildings.

The second from the left is EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Only 66% of enemy missiles can be neutralized only when energy is full.

The second from right is time throw. You can temporarily slow down the flow of time.

Anti-aircraft fire on the right.

The main building can also be strengthened. One is to improve the loading speed of missiles.

Shield recharge speed increases.

And another game is "ARGENT BURST". As something comes down it shoots down it. I can shoot anything here.

Argent Burst -

Game starts with title, "PLAY".

At first it looks plain but ...

When the screen is loaded the thing falling will be flashy like a meteor.

The number of combos is counted.

Every time I shoot down, there was a score, but I was busy during the game and I had no time to watch.

Arrows across the screen can also be shot down.

Of the boxes lined up below, the one on the left was destroyed.

Pounding and spheres are flying.

Clear while I am not sure.

Somehow the default name of score input is BRUTUS.

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