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There are 30 kinds of magic using playing cards and cards accessible nearby, which are used for one trickery to show off at the year-end party, are explained in the movie. Since none of this is something that could be used anywhere somewhere, it should be useful when practicing if you need to practice. All of the movies themselves are in about 1 to 3 minutes, and they are all easy to master.

Details are as below.
Magic that cards picked up pop out

When you hit a stack of four cards, only one out of the four cards faces back, another card faces back.

I will return the card that I drew only one card and pull out another card, then it will be transformed into the card I pulled the first at the very moment in front of my eyes. This is quite amazing as it changes in a flash.

The coins hidden under the 4 cards are instantly moved. It seems easy if you get used to it.

The pen penetrated the bill and should have broken, but the hole is not open!

A glass cup wrapped in paper penetrates the table. The visual impact is quite strong.

Grab the phone book with your hands and tear it in half. Although it may be thought that it might depend on such muscle power, it is not, but actually there is "how to break".

The trick is unimaginable magic that unravels the shoelace tied, does not touch with the hand, and wears his legs alone to tie it back.

Besides that, a wide variety of simple magic is summarized below.

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