What is the price of the world's highest mobile phone number "6666666"?

The other day in Qatar, the world's highest mobile phone number "6666666" was issued to the charity auction, seems to have been given an outrageous price. The price you care about is "10 million Qatar · Rial". How much is it ...? I tried calculating.

Details are below.
WEBOSPEDIA: World's Most Expensive Mobile Number

So how much is it? Initially I studied the currency unit "Qatar riyal".

Qatar Rial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In fact, since 1980 1 US dollar = 3.64 Rial, fixed at 1 Rial = 0.274725 US dollars. This rate became official in July 2001.

In other words, 10 million rials mean that,

10000000 Riyal × 0.274725 dollar = 2,747,250 dollars

That is, about 300 million yen in Japanese yen! There is money where there is 300 million yen for one mobile phone number ... ....

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