The world's biggest e-sports world tournament in the world with a total prize of about 2 billion yen "The International"

One of the world's most famous online games "Dota 2"Is the official world event to determine the world's best player every year"The International"Is held. We are adopting the mechanism that a part of sales of the tournament ticket ticket is added to the prize money, but already the international 2016 prize money is already a terrible amount of 18,732,720 dollars (about 1.96 billion yen) It has been swollen up to the end, and there is a possibility that this will still rise soon.

Dota 2 - The International Battle Pass 2016

The International 2016 - Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker

In addition to the basic prize of 1.6 million dollars (about 167 million yen) contributed by Valve which is the distribution source of Dota 2, The International added 25% of the sales of the matchtake ticket "Battle Pass" to the prize money To go. If you purchase Battle Pass, you can get items such as rare gacchos that can be used in the game in addition to the spectator tickets. The International 2015 recorded the world's highest prize total of 18.42 million 9613 dollars (about 1.932 billion yen), but the International 2016 prize money is now 18,738,720 dollars (about 1.96 billion yen) at the present time We have reached the total amount of prize money in 2015.

The rise rate of prize money is rising year by year, and in 2016 it has exceeded 10 million dollars (about 1 billion yen) in 19 days from the release of the ticket. The main event for the final of the International 2016 will be held from Monday, August 8th to Saturday, August 13th, but Battle Pass is still on sale. It is interesting to see how much the total prize money will rise by the start of the main event.

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