Another master key of "TSA lock" used for suitcases etc. is also deciphered


Seven master keys of "TSA lock" mainly used for travel suitcases and wire locksA key was output by a 3D printer from a photograph published in the newspaper in 2015Although it became a hot topic, a person who succeeded in duplicating a new master key appeared again. This time it seems that succeeded in locating the master key pattern by analyzing TSA lock which is on the market from one end.

The last TSA master key has been hacked - 3D Printing Industry

Many people have seen things that have been to overseas travelersTSA lockThe baggage when you board an airplaneIn a locked stateIt is the key that makes it possible to deposit. After the terrorist attacks in the United States, especially in the case of entering and leaving the country and the flight in the United States, baggage is required to be deposited without locking in order to check strict baggage by the airport staff, It is permitted to leave it locked only when TSA lock is used.

And the TSA locked baggage will be unlocked by using "master key" which only airport staff can use, and it will be checked for suspicious contents. In this way, people other than airport officials were TSA locks that were said to be unlockable at all, but in 2015Article posted in the Washington PostThe shape of the master key was revealed from being reflected in. The photo was immediately deleted, but a hacker who had already saved the photo has figured out the shape of the master key based on the photograph, creates CAD data and outputs it with a 3D printer "incident" happened. At that time, 7 types of master keys leaked out and dataPublished on GitHubIt is said that the vulnerability to TSA's security came to light, such as being done.

As of 2016, TSA lock can be manufactured inTravel SentryWhenSafe Skies, And the key that the master key leaked in 2015 was the key made by the former Travel Sentry. In manufacturing the key, Travel Sentry is entrusted to an external company, whereas Safe Skies covers everything within the company.

Safe Skies' master key details were kept wrapped in a secret veil against Travel Sentry where photos had leaked, so there was no one that succeeded in replication so far. However, since the company has only one type of master key, conversely, once the master key is successfully determined, all the Safe Skies TSA locks can be unlocked I will.

And finally, that kind of situation was born. Successfully decrypted with Mr. DarkSim 905 who succeeded in duplicating seven kinds of master keys in 2015 and a hackerJohnny XmasMr. Nite 0 wl Mr.'s hacker group. Mr. Xmas is a hacker conference held in New York "The Eleventh HOPE"This is a successful signature by examining the commonality of keys using legally acquired TSA lock and it is said to symbolize vulnerability of TSA lock.We have enough data I accumulated, found a pattern, succeeded in finding a master key by using "mathematics" from there, We are going to crack the physical cipher (locking mechanism) I am worried that this event that should be symbolized will not be properly handled in the general public. "

Mr. Xmas said about cracking the TSA lock, "This is not to make people uneasy, but to cast the risk of third-party consignment of Master Key by the government." Because of that, it seems that the data of the master key found newly is not disclosed, but it is obvious that it is not a situation where it is not a good situation to place full confidence in TSA lock at least.

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