A report summarizing information such as the most played games and distributors in 2020 will be released

Arsenal.gg and StreamElements , which specialize in research on live-streaming gaming platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming, have published a report summarizing the usage of live-streaming platforms in 2020.

State of the Stream December and 2020 Year in Review | StreamElements --Legendary Live Streaming

In 2020, the pandemic of the new coronavirus has led to calls for refraining from going out all over the world, and as a result of many people spending a long time at home, the use of live game distribution platforms will increase rapidly in 2020. Did.

The new coronavirus has dramatically increased the total viewing time of game-based live streaming by nearly 50% in a month --GIGAZINE

Below is a graph summarizing the changes in the total playing time of Twitch by month in such a special year. Before the pandemic of the new coronavirus from January to March 2020, the total monthly playback time was about 900 to 1 billion hours, but after April, the total monthly playback time. Is over 1.4 billion hours. The longest total playback time was over 1.7 billion hours in December 2020. As a result, the total annual replay time in 2020 will be 17 billion hours, an increase of 83% from 9 billion hours in 2019.

The following is a graph summarizing the transition of the total playing time of Facebook Gaming by month. Even on Facebook Gaming, the total monthly playback time has increased sharply since April 2020, and the increase is about 100 million hours. In December 2020, we achieved a record total monthly playback time of 388 million hours for Facebook Gaming. In 2020, the total playing time of the year also increased by 166% from the previous year (1.35 billion hours in 2019) to 3.59 billion hours.

Next to Twitch and Facebook Gaming is

DLive . The total monthly playback time was about 3 million hours as of January 2020, but it has grown to 6 million hours in December of the same year. The total playing time in 2020 is 59 million hours, so it is still far from the scale of Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

In addition, the total playing time of YouTube Gaming in 2020 will exceed 100 billion hours, and the number of active game live channels will exceed 40 million.

The following rankings are the most popular categories according to the total playing time. The most popular category on Twitch is 'Just Chatting', followed by 'League of Legends' in 2nd place, 'Fortnite' in 3rd place, 'Grand Theft Auto V' in 4th place, and 'Valorant' in 5th place. .. Looking at the categories with the highest total number of views by month, the first place is 'Valorant' in April, the second place is 'chat' in November, the third place is 'League of Legends' in October, and the fourth place is 9 'Among us' in the month, 5th place is 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock out' in August.

If you narrow down to December 2020 and arrange the popular categories by total playing time,

Cyberpunk 2077, which is facing the crisis of class proceedings with numerous bugs reported in the 6th place in the top 10, is ranked in.

The following rankings are arranged in descending order of total playing time, limited to titles released in 2020. First place is 'Valorant' released in June (737 million hours), second place is 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout' (139 million hours) released in August, and third place is 'Phasmophobia' released in September. (69 million hours), 4th place is 'Cyberpunk 2077' (61 million hours) released in December, and 5th place is 'Genshin' (59 million hours) released in September.

The graph on the left summarizes the top 10 distributors that were popular on Twitch in 2020, and the graph on the right summarizes the same data only in December 2020. The most popular broadcaster on Twitch is

xQcOW, who has a total annual play time of about 150 million hours on his channel. With the data for December 2020 alone, xQcOW's channel has been played for nearly 20 million hours, which is a big difference from other distributors.

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