The statue of liberty made with soldiers taken at the time of World War I

It was not processed with this picture, Photoshop etc, but it was taken at the time of the World War I really, the soldiers of the real monsters. I photographed both Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas.

For details on what kind of situation it was supposed to shoot such things under the circumstances, please see below.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Human Statue of Liberty

About this image initially, it seems that it was treated as a kind of urban legend as "It is a stone photograph that can not shoot such things", but actuallyThis siteAccording to it, the number of soldiers and officers that were shot on this shoot was about 18,000 people, the shoot was taken in July of 1918, the place is in Iowa State Camp Dodge. The purpose is to promote wartime bonds to sell.

Besides, there are various pictures.

More and more are gathered and published in the following sites. It was quite impressive.
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