Mass Attack game which balances right and left scales

"Mass Attack" looks like "to balance the scales on the left and right" is a very plain game, but once you try it, it will not quite get right, so I will unexpectedly challenge myself.

Access is from the following.
Mass Attack

Start playing "Play".

At first, the tutorial will be displayed. Since it starts with the balance not being balanced ...

The aim is to make weights by mouse clicks and to balance.

At the beginning you can make 3 weights, up to 5 differences are allowed.

It is heavy that 480 is displayed.

It produced 576, which was too big.

It is okay to balance this within a few times. What is used as a difference is the result of rounding down one digit below the weight.

I want to balance well, but ...

I managed to finish it.

The allowable error in level 2 is 3.

It is the same thing to do.

It feels good to be in line.

At level 3, the error is only allowed up to 1.

As expected there are many failures.

Level 5, the chance to drop the weight is only 2 times. I could not clear it here. The level seems to be up to seven.

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